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CampVine is a comprehensive, cloud-based online camp management system that gives camp owners & operators the tools to control the full lifecycle of their camps, from marketing and promotions all the way through to payment processing and customer communication. Think of us as AirBnB, Trip Adviser, Groupon, Google Calendar, Stripe and Constant Contact, all bundled into one platform!


Online Registration

The days of paper registrations are long gone! CampVine provides you with the easiest of registration processes for your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating countless hours behind the scenes managing customer information and data.

Program Listings

Be in control of what your listings include and when they go live! CampVine allows you to create, modify and post online program listings in real time that are easy for the customer to understand and navigate.


The CampVine website is a fully optimized public site that offers endless search queries and resources for those seeking camps. We utilize industry leading SEO strategies to ensure that our domain and therefore your camps are consistently ranked at the top for all common search results, improving the overall digital marketing reach for camp owners and directors.

Customer Communication

Keeping parents informed about every element of camp, from the point of registration to important details while a camp is in session, is key to a successful program and critical in this day and age of 24/7 access.

Payment Processing

Securely process payments online including credit cards, ACH, gift cards and more.


When it’s go-time for camp, it’s important for directors to be able to review and pull reports pertaining to a wide variety of information. CampVine includes powerful query driven customizable report options that are ready for export.

Website CMS

CampVine offers you the opportunity to become your own Webmaster! Our customizable Content Management System (CMS) puts you in complete control of your website with easy to use page builders, widgets, modules and drag-and-drop menus that allow you to deliver all the information your customers rely upon you for.

Social Media Integration

Maximize the power of social media campaigns by streamlining your efforts within the management of your overall registration platform.