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How do I sign up for a FREE Camp Listing?

Complete the FREE Camp Listing form found on our Free Camp Listing page to be included in the CampVine platform for Free (did we say that?) Increase your reach, expand your awareness, and drive additional registrations for all of your programs.

Do you offer live Demos? Can I see the system in action?

Yes, we can setup a comprehensive Live Demo of the entire CampVine platform from the comfort of your own screen. Contact Our Team to setup your demo today!

How does it work for Camp Owners and Operators?

CampVine is a comprehensive, cloud-based online camp management system that gives camp owners & operators the tools to control the full lifecycle of their camps, from marketing and promotions all the way through to payment processing and customer communication. Think of us as AirBnB, Trip Adviser, Groupon, Google Calendar, Stripe and Constant Contact, all bundled into one platform!

Learn more here:

What are the benefits to campers and their families?

CampVine offers a one of a kind a community market place for families to seek out, research and book incredible camp experiences. Use our powerful search platform to find camps you may never have otherwise discovered. Research dates, times and costs, learn more about the staff, review recommendations, track which friends are attending or even book a camp today!


Do you allow for multiple user accounts?

Yes, you may setup as many user accounts as you’d like from the master account login and each user can be assigned their own specifc set of access levels.

Is there a charge for additional users? Any incidental user fees?

No, we do not charge by the number of users you have. You may provide login credentials for as many staff members as you’d like, at your sole discretion.

Do you charge for on-boarding?

No, we do not charge for on-boarding. This is included in our standard setup and training process that you would walk through with your private CampVine representative as soon as your account is activated.

What kind of support do you provide? Is there a fee for this support?

All CampVine clients are assigned account specific representatives at the time their account is activated. This single point of contact ethos allows our reps to have a thorough understanding of how your account and business, are setup, thus alleviating hours of time wasted describing how your account works and what is wrong. Your account manager will be available to you via email 24/7 and via phone during normal working hours. There is no fee for this support.

How does your processing work? Who is your provider?

All payments are processed via our payment processing partner, Stripe.

Can we use our own provider?

Unfortunately, due to the payout schedules we provide, and the integrations that have been established between CampVine and Stripe, we are not able to utilize an existing Stripe account and will have to create a new Stripe account for you once we go Live. On the positive side, this new account is 100% your account and not an account we have access to. We help you set it up, adjust some settings, and then are unable to access this new account going forward. It is your private and wholly owned account from then on.

How do the payouts work?

All registration payments processed in your account each week by 6:59pm EST on Friday, will then be deposited directly into your bank, minus the assocaited platform fees, the following Tuesday. We do not touch your funds, nor have access to your funds, at any time during this process. CampVine is 100% PCI Compliant and is simpy serving as a conduit between your customer's registration records/payments, and your bank account. 

What does PCI Compliance mean? Is CampVine PCI Compliant?

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance is mandated by credit card companies to help ensure the security of credit card transactions in the payments industry. Payment card industry compliance refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses follow to secure and protect credit card data provided by cardholders and transmitted through card processing transactions.

And yes, since all private payment information, including credit card numbers, are stored off-site with our payment processing partners at Stripe, CampVine is fully PCI Compliant.

What does your fee structure look like?

We charge a fixed percentage, which can be anywhere from 3%-5%, and a $0.30/transaction fee per registration. Our fees are based on a number of factors, including total number of registrations, registration fees for each program, annual volume, price points, and more. That being said, this fee is the ONLY fee we charge our clients... we do NOT add on additional fees, aka hidden fees, such as statement fees, monthly account fees, PCI Compliance fees or even on-boarding or training/support fees. Our single flat fee, and single $0.30/transaction fee which is charged to us by Stripe, and the only fees you will be assessed. Please contact your CampVine rep to learn more.

Do you provide websites?

Yes, we have a complete, fully-customized website content management system (CMS) built into the CampVine platform. And not only that, but you can manage more than just one website from your master account as well. So if your company runs multiple camps and/or events, each with their own private website, your can manage all of those websites from a single CampVine user account.

Can I use my existing, private URL?

Yes, you may continue using your existing, custom URL for your camp's website address. For example, if your current website url is, you may continue to use that along with  a brand-new, custom website provided by Campvine. We do not force you to use a sub-page off the main CampVine url, or even slippery re-directs. Simply point your DNS settings towards CampVine and the website will reside on our server, while the ownership or the url itself, will remain with you.

And rest assured, this is a VERY easy process and one that we will walk you through every step of the process until it is complete. Piece of cake!