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CampVine offers a one of a kind a community market place for families to seek out, research and book incredible camp experiences. Use our powerful search platform to find camps you may never have otherwise discovered. Research dates, times and costs, learn more about the staff, review recommendations, track which friends are attending or even book a camp today!

CampVine -  Where kids find their dream camps, and parents easily manage the rest!


Search & Discover

With access to camps from across the U.S., CampVine offers a one-of-a-kind community marketplace for families to seek out, research and book incredible camp experiences. We connect children and families to camps that they may never have otherwise discovered!

  1. Save favorites
  2. Search queries
  3. Research camps
  4. Camp reviews & recommendations

Register & Pay

In just a few clicks of a button, parents can easily register their children for camp and make online payments in an easy, secure and safe environment.

  1. User-friendly registration process
  2. Online insurance and medical forms
  3. Online camp forms
  4. Deposit & Payment Plan options

Review & Recommend

Word of mouth is powerful stuff! Most people look for input from others before making a purchase, especially one involving their child. CampVine provides a chance to see how others weigh-in on a particular camp, check the camps’ overall rankings, and submit reviews and recommendations of your own.

  1. Write Reviews
  2. Read Reviews
  3. View camps by ratings

Calendar Management

It takes a lot to manage and maintain the activities of kids these days! And it’s even more complicated by the growing demand to plan months ahead in order to secure a spot in camp. So we’ve found a way to avoid the hassle of scheduling conflicts by offering an integrated calendar that keeps track of the camps you’ve booked, and even those you are still considering... for all your kids!

  1. Automatic calendar posts for booked camps
  2. Optional calendar posts for camps you are considering
  3. Share calendar with friends and family members
  4. Set reminders

Account Management

CampVine gives users a means to store information in one place for easy and quick access. Through our account management features, parents are given the means to access and control every aspect of their camp purchase experience.

  1. Set Search Preferences
  2. Store payment information
  3. Pay balances
  4. Complete and submit forms
  5. View purchase history