Faceoff Factory Vail Tune-Up

Vail, Colorado

Program Overview

We at Faceoff Factory are extremely excited to bring professional playing experience and high-level coaching to the Vail Lacrosse Tournament. Our mission is to prepare student-athletes to play their best, expand upon their skill set, and create lasting relationships through the game of Lacrosse.

This opportunity will feature Boys offense training from Connor Kirst, Girls training from Emily Hawryschuk, and Boys Faceoff training from Joe Nardella. Additional instructors will be added on a need basis. The training sessions will focus on competitive-based drill work and intermediate to advanced skill development. 

Program Description

Boys Faceoff Training will include:

  • Technique Intro/Reinforcement
  • Competitive Faceoff Drills
  • Advanced Faceoff Strategy
  • Live Repetition
  • Live Filmed Feedback

Boys Offensive Training will include:

  • 2 Man-Game Do's & Dont's 
  • Perimeter Shooting
  • Inside Finishing
  • Attackman Riding Drills
  • Moves Around The Crease
  • Dodging Habits
  • Footwork

Girls General Skills Clinic Will Include:


  • Overall Skill Development
  • Proper Passing & Shooting Mechanics 
  • Draw Techniques & Circle Play 
  • Agility, Defensive Footwork & Ground Balls
  • Dodging & Off-Ball Movement
  • 8 Meter Shooting  
  • Game Situational Drills


Program Detail

Cost Structure:

$149.00 Per Athlete

Date: June 21st, 2022

Time: 4:00PM - 6:00PM (MT)


Ford Field: 530 S Frontage Rd E.

Vail, CO 81657



Please refer all questions at concerns to james@faceofffactory.com.

Thanks and best regards,






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Facility Location

530 S Frontage Rd E. Vail, CO 81657


Since 2011, Faceoff Factory has committed to learning, teaching, and growing the Faceoff position. Our goal then and now continues to be centered around developing the complete faceoff student. As the face-off position continues to change and develop, so does our curriculum. Our curriculum highlights techniques and details that have proven effective at the highest levels of lacrosse.

After 6 years of unwavering dedication, learning, and adaptation to our teaching, our mission has developed to feature three main components:

First and foremost, we aim to create a collaborative learning environment. Since faceoffs are such a unique part of our game, we must tailor the environment in which we teach and learn them to be unique as well. Here, at Faceoff Factory, we aim to foster an environment in which students not only learn from our coaches but learn from one another as well. We firmly believe that - to teach, is to understand. And the more students can teach others about faceoffs, the more they themselves will understand them.

Second, we aspire to facilitate and demonstrate the pursuit of excellence. Not only on the field but off of it as well. The strongest form of leadership comes from the ability to lead by example. Each of our staff members is either a current professional, division 1 coach, or former collegiate standout. Through our coaching, we seek to illustrate the leadership and drive it takes to become the best version of ourselves. We are dedicated to teaching students how to be their very best at the faceoff x through constant competitive exposure both with the coaches themselves as well as the other students in addition to individualized hands-on instruction. We strive to challenge the way our students think, how they treat and respect their peers, and how they communicate.

Lastly, and arguably the most influential, is the development of our FOFamily - a commitment to see that each of our students fulfills all of their goals outside the lines of the lacrosse field. Although learning at our sessions is at the forefront of all our student's focus, we try to provide far more resources than just on-field coaching. Some of these resources include but are not limited to, free access to watch all of our sessions on youtube, college advice / recruiting assistance, and training guidance.
We hope to see you at the Faceoff X soon.


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